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This is it. The Upstate New York Theater Community Web Log on Livejournal! This community is for anyone interested in theater in Upstate New York and the surrounding areas. It's long been known that this area has one of the largest and most thriving theater communities in the United States. There are over a dozen professional, semi-professional and community theater groups currently active within roughly a fifty-mile radius of Albany, New York. This vast Theater tree is fed by a dedicated group af Actors, Directors, Producers, Designers and everyone in between.

The purpose of this Web Journal is to give this thriving theater community an outlet for thoughts and ideas and a place to share and learn. The more we communicate with one another, the better and stronger we can make this theater community. I encourage you to use this forum to share information about auditions, upcoming Shows, questions and advice...anything pertaining to theater. The only rules are that you keep it positive, fun, and absolutely NO PERSONAL ATTACKS! The community will be monitored and anything deemed unsuitable will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be removed from the community.

BY THE WAY!!!! Here is a fantastic resource for hearing about upcoming auditions. I'm pleased to include it here: